Leave no trace behind and get back Internet freedom.

Zero Logs. 11 Locations. 7 different protocols.

Your freedom, your choice.

Become Traceless!


We offer you the most used and known protocols like OpenVPN, SSH Tunnel, L2TP, IPSec (IKEv1 and IKEv2), Socks5, HTTP and PPTP.


If you are interested, we are pleased if you take a look behind the scenery and discuss our service and solutions. Valid criticism is important for us. We gladly take this chance to satisfy your aspirations.

And even more


We try to offer you a service you will not notice.

With us you won't lose packages on their way through the Internet, also you won't be slow while being connected to our servers as these values are a main part of our concept.

Operating Systems

We support various operating systems,

like Microsoft Windows, Unix, Mac OS, iOS and Android. Suggestions for extending the available list of supported systems are most welcome.

Secure Payment

We offer you many different kinds of secure payments.

We are sure you will find one, which exactly suits you.

Avoid Censorship

If you experience censorship in your country in some ways,

we offer you the right solution. With our servers all around the globe you are able to switch your location within seconds.


We offer you the highest encryption standards available,

like AES256-CBC using OpenVPN or AES256-CTR using a SSH Tunnel. Also you are able to cascade and combine most of our offered services.


With our full documented instructions,

setting up your device is a piece of cake. Start being traceless within a few minutes.

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We are here for your problems.

Whether you need help with your setup, you want to report problems or you have any other inquiry. We are happy to help you.

In a world where
everyone is being watched, we have one mission

To make you Traceless

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Without providing personal information.

Free of any obligation.

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