Data Protection Guidelines

For the use of services (please read this document in full)

1. Introduction

Traceless takes the use of personal data very seriously and stores, processes, and uses personal data as sparingly as possible, and in accordance with applicable legal requirements regarding the protection of personal data, and using the latest technology. In addition, Traceless informs its users in the most transparent way possible which data is potentially stored and for what reason. These data protection guidelines are valid for any type of use of the Traceless service by individual users and are also a component of the general terms and conditions applicable to the utilization of the service. These guidelines are also applicable to the use of the Traceless website.

Introduction is trying to protect your personal data as good as possible.

2. Data stored by the service

When using the Traceless service, technical functionality requires that the user's IP address is available in real-time at server level for the duration of an established VPN or Proxy connection via our servers. At no time is this data stored permanently or merged with any other user data. In addition, the use of the service requires registration that necessitates the indication/selection of a user name and e-mail address. This is the only user data that is stored. In order for the service to function, it may be necessary to temporarily store the IP address assigned to the user by its Internet provider, including on foreign servers used and consequently, depending on the server used, to store the IP address datum on servers outside the scope covered by the guideline 95/46/EG. A consolidation with any other additional user data shall not occur. Additional user data are not stored, in particular data the user may upload or download during the use of the service. The service provider shall undertake the appropriate measures to protect the security of aforementioned user data that is stored. Of course, there is no guarantee of 100% certainty that an unauthorized person cannot access stored data. As a rule, data is not transferred to third parties unless, in individual cases, there is a legal obligation to release data.

Data stored by the service

We only keep the most necessary data as email address, username and a hashed password.

3. Data Traffic

Data content that the user sends or receives when using this service is never stored by Traceless. At no time does Traceless evaluate, specifically extract, or process this data in any way or use the data to create user profiles, unless the user has specifically allowed such activities.

Data Traffic

We do not store any traffic data that gets generated by the use of our VPN services.

4. Information Disclosure by Traceless

As a rule, Traceless does not pass personal data to third parties. The service provider shall, in so far as this is necessary for technical reasons or at all feasible, in particular as relates to foreign servers utilized, engage the services of third parties for specific tasks. If the transfer of user-specific data to such a third party is or will be required within this context, the service provider shall engage the third party only under the strictest compliance with legal requirements, and limit the transfer of information to the absolutely necessary extent, require the third party to limit its use of the transferred data exclusively for the tasks assigned to it and under no circumstances to use the data for its own purposes. Furthermore, the third party shall be required to verify the technical security of the data in accordance with legal requirements. In addition, the service provider shall, without the expressed consent or request of the user, transfer user-specific information to third parties only if and to the extent that this is legally required or is necessary for the utilization of the service.

Information Disclosure

Any personal data committed will be held only with us as far as this is possible.

5. Data Security

The physical security of information stored and information provided by the user is also of utmost importance to Traceless. Traceless will take all technically feasible and commercially reasonable preventive measures in order to hinder access to the technical infrastructure of the service by unauthorized persons. The user recognizes that Traceless can make no guarantee that unauthorized third parties are unable to access date uploaded or downloaded by the user.

Data Security

To keep our network safe, security is one of our highest priorities.

6. Use of Web Analytics Services and Support Software

If, while visiting the website and its subdomains, the user is working with a browser that has been set to accept cookies (text files that enable the storage of data related to the website visited, such as for the cart, log-in, or website preferences), such cookies can be used by the website and its subdomains in order to improve the performance of the website for the user, or for the purposes of determining the way in which a user interacts with the website (their surfing behavior). The particular interaction with the website (surfing behavior) is recorded anonymously and there is no correlation to personal user data that would allow for the creation of a user profile, for example such as an e-mail address or log-in data.

If the user does not wish to use cookies, the user can deactivate this function within the browser settings. Specific settings are made differently for each manufacturer. Information about settings can be obtained from the particular browser provider. Normally there is an Options menu that includes a place to activate or deactivate the cookie function. If the user deactivates the cookie function, the user thereby accepts that certain website functions will no longer be available, such as modifying profile data or being able to log in, which is necessary to make such changes.

If the browser settings allow for the use of cookies, the Traceless website uses the Piwik web analytics service (, in order to better understand the user's surfing behavior and to then use this information to continually improve the service. As a rule, Piwik analyzes user behavior on the website without relating the data to specific persons. For this purpose, Piwik uses cookies, which are text files stored on the user's computer that enable the analysis of the user's activity on the website. In the process, the IP address belonging to the computer providing the information is immediately made anonymous, such that it is impossible to link it to a specific user. Information created by the cookie about the use of this website could possibly be transferred to servers outside the European Union, whereby the anonymized IP address of the related computer could also be transferred.

Use of Web Analytics Services and Support Software

Our website prefers to use cookies, which you can partly disable.

OTRS software is used for the purposes of online support. If the user sends an inquiry to or inquires using the contact form, the information provided will be temporarily stored by Traceless, but only for until the support process has been completed. In general, the information is deleted at the latest 3 months following the last contact involving the corresponding support process. The user's IP address is stored exclusively anonymized.

7. Service Provider

The service provider referred to in these guidelines is
Kazana Solutions UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Kronstadter Str. 4
81677 Munich, Germany

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